Root water uptake

Root water uptake of two lupin root systems. Soil is represented by the background grid and dries out where roots are located.
CC-BY-SA N. Schröder 2015

CO2 storage simulations

Underground storage of CO2 into the Johansen formation in Norway modeled with a multi-physics framework on an adaptive grid. The picture shows the CO2 plume within the complex sub-domain after a 50 year simulation, with permeability and grid in the background.
CC-BY-SA B. Faigle 2011
Density-driven displacement in porous media due to solution of CO2 in brine.
© D. Gläser 2011
Results after 1.5 years of CO2 injection, shown is pressure in a vertical cuts through the injection well.
in cooperation with the Kiel University
© M. Darcis 2011
As above, horizontal displacement.
© M. Darcis 2011

Fractured porous media

Infiltration of CO2 through an interconnection network of fractures in a fully water saturated medium.
© A. Tatomir 2011
As above, effect of fractures ending in the matrix domain.
© A. Tatomir 2011

Grid adaptivity

Adaptive one-dimensional network grid embedded in three-dimensional space.
CC-BY-SA T. Koch 2015
DNAPL infiltration simulation with an adaptive grid.
© M. Wolff 2011