SPE10 Adaptive

Simulation of a five-spot injection scenario with a strongly heterogeneous domain (SPE10 benchmark) using an IMPES formulation on an adaptively refined grid.

DuMux, DUNE for Multi-{Phase, Component, Scale, Physics, ...} flow and transport in porous media, is a free and open-source simulator for flow and transport processes in porous media. It is based on the Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment DUNE. DuMux is a C++ research code. Its main intention is to provide a sustainable and consistent framework for the implementation and application of porous media model concepts and constitutive relations. It has been successfully applied to CO2 storage scenarios, environmental remediation problems, transport of therapeutic agents through biological tissue, and subsurface-atmosphere coupling. The development of DuMux started in January 2007 at the University of Stuttgart.

DuMux comes in form of an additional DUNE module and inherits functionality from the DUNE core modules. DuMux is associated partner of the OPM (Open Porous Media) initiative.

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Short course at InterPore in Valencia on May 6, 2019

We are happy to offer an introductory DuMux short course at the 11th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Porous Media (InterPore), taking place in Valencia 6-10 May 2019. For more information and registration, visit the conference website.

SusI kick-off workshop in Stuttgart on May 23/24, 2019

We are happy to announce the kick-off workshop of our DFG-funded project "Sustainable infrastructure for the improved usability and archivability of research software on the example of the porous-media simulator DuMux." It will take place on 23./24.5.2019 in our Multimedia Lab here at the University of Stuttgart. We aim to start at 13:30 h on Thursday and finish at 12:30 h on Friday.
Apart from introducing the project, we want to assess the current shortcomings that you encounter in using DuMux as well as reasons for not using it at all. We also want to get an overview of your wishes in terms of usability as well as your requirements on modeling capabilities. Ideally, you help us substantiating our work plans. Don't miss out on this opportunity to improve your future DuMux experience!
The number of participants is limited. For the participants, we will cover travel, board and lodging. If you're interested in participating, please fill out the registration form.